Matthew David Rodgers


Entry 15

Gonna be a quick one here, because it’s 85 degrees inside my apartment so I feel like a slug.

Next weekend I go to Chicago to visit a friend, and I’m very excited. I’ve never visited, and I had quite a few friends go to school there that I neglected.

Only really interesting thing I watched this week was Let Them All Talk, a Soderbergh movie set on a cruise. It was shot over a week and mostly improvised, and because of that it feels very loose and almost jazz-like. It almost approached mumble-core level stuff, but for some reason I can’t articulate, it never quite makes it there.

I love Soderbergh’s flexibility like this. This is a totally different production than Ocean’s Eleven, which is a totally different production than Che, etc etc. You get the sense that there’s very little of the overbearing particular director stereotype in him.

David Ehrlich wrote a review of the film that seems to articulate the rare-ness of his flexibility, although I’m not sure I agree with the conclusion that a Fincher could’ve made this movie better.

I think that’s it for this week! Finally getting down to the brevity that I was going for when I started these logs.

Only thing to close out with is this month’s episode of CoRecursive, this time with Richard Hipp, the creator of SQLite. It’s clear from his prior work (working on systems software for NAVY BATTLESHIPS??) that he’s a special type of programmer, but it’s great to hear about starting what is now such a ubiquitous a project from scratch.