Matthew David Rodgers


Entry 18

More normal excursions this week! With an obvious high point in a Caroline Polachek concert at The Greek. It was my first concert back, and apparently everyone else in LA’s as well. I’ve never seen a more stylish, cool crowd ever. No one’s been able to wear all their cool clothes out, and we all had the same excuse all at once.

And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. Just glancing at instagram showed me that everyone from Phoebe Bridgers to Perfume Genius to Olivia Rodrigo was there. And two of the HAIM sisters were right in front of me, just having a great time.

And for good reason! It was a fantastic show. Caroline is such a talented and interesting artist. She debuted two really good new songs, and she brought out both Christine And The Queens and Charli XCX to do their respective collabs with her. I was LOSING it. And THEN, as Caroline was finishing her set, Charli came out to hang with the HAIM girls, so she was maybe 10 feet from me. A fantastic night.

Also took another trip to the Getty Villa, which is a lovely time. Although I do have to admit that it sometimes feels unnerving, knowing that this is all from personal hoard – and that the villa itself is a faithful recreation of a villa in destroyed Herculaneum. Just feels like a bit of a gross display of uber-wealth if you think about it.

Just got back from another dodger game as well, which is always a blast. A friend got to use some really good season tickets from work, so we were essentially right behind the plate. I’m sunburned, but very happy.

Remember that post I wrote? A friend of mine posted it to, which is sort of like Hacker News, but less toxic. However, that doesn’t always shape out to be the case. Because it actually made it to the front page, and immediately, a Haskell vs TypeScript war broke out in the comments :/

All of the comments (with the exception of one – thank you, brave poster) had NOTHING to do with the article, and were mainly an flimy excuse to complain or stoke the fires of a flame war. A bit depressing. But hopefully a few unfamiliar TypeScript devs got exposed to the post because of it, and learned something useful.

I started the third novel in the Neapolitan Novels series this week, although I’ve barely made it 10 pages so far. Did the first chapter of Fisher’s Capitalist Realism as well, which I’ve found extremely approachable. I have a lot of thoughts about it, but I haven’t met with my friend for our book club yet so I’ll refrain from dumping them all here.

I think I’ll close it there for this week! I’ll go back to listening to Caroline Polachek on repeat.