Matthew David Rodgers


Entry 27

Gonna keep it brief here, because I kind of went all out on two posts about my experience solving challenge 6 of the cryptopals challenges.

I think I wrote 7500 words… I probably could’ve tightened it up lol. I didn’t even really go through everything I wanted to. I don’t really want to be too precious with these posts (otherwise I’ll never publish anything) but I could really use some more rigor.

I’m home this week, excited for Thanksgiving dinner. Gonna be back here before too long for Christmas as well. Just gotta make it to Janurary.

Things I’ve been into recently:

Joe Pera Talks With You. A miracle of television. So soothing. So funny. I wish more things made had this much warmth and character.

I cannot wait for Elden Ring. I cannot wait for Elden Ring. I would give a rib to be able to play Elden Ring. Feb 22 must come quickly.

Courtney Barnett put out a new record recently, and I really love it. She leans a bit into the crisp clean Vox-amp guitar tone for a sound that feels kind of fresh for her, but still totally familiar. Fantastic.