Matthew David Rodgers


Entry 31

Just a quick log, as it’s past midnight here (although it’s still Sunday in California).

I’ve been home for my last trip of the year. Been seeing plenty of friends, which is nice. But I’m excited to get back and settled.

Lot of books for Christmas, mainly about computing and its history. I’ll go over the new additions soon.

I got through most of the Advent Of Code this year. I don’t think I checked out the last two puzzles (although I plan to) and I definitely had trouble with some of the later challenges. Any that were exponential in nature gave me trouble, and there were a few that were mainly math based where I only made a little ground.

I also tried to implement a tree in Rust with circular references to the parent, and WOW did that not go well. I tried the whole RefCell / Rc combo and just never had any luck. I switched my tree to manage indicies of a data array instead of owning the data after pulling my hair out (which was honestly the correct way to do it in the first place, due to the nature of the problem).

Some things I’ve been into recently: Drive My Car – fantastic. Saw a great screening at the Nuart, really liked it. I’ve also been playing Katamari Damacy Reroll, a bonkers Japanese video game about rolling up things onto an ever-growing ball to recreate the stars in the cosmos. Makes no sense, absolutely a blast.