Matthew David Rodgers


Entry 32

I know I’ve been lax about writing these logs lately, but things have indeed been busy. Finally home, hopefully for a good long while. And hopefully getting a CAT before too long.

I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while, but I’m ready (I think) to pull the trigger. It’s such a huge responsibility, caring for an animal. I’ve never done it by myself. I don’t even really know what taking care of a cat entails, but I’ve got plenty of cat-owning friends that are so excited to whisk me away to their fur-filled lives.

After Advent Of Code, I decided I was ready to port my Cryptopals set 1 solutions to Rust. I expected it to be a bigger undertaking; I ported everything in 2 days! I think I even found a bug or two while doing it. It’s a big testament to the language that I had such a pleasant time porting it over.

I finished the official Rust book (TRPL) as well, and have moved on to my O’Reilly book (Programming Rust). It’s been a good complement so far, and I can even see that there are some topics that TRPL doesn’t even cover, like asynchronus runtimes and async/await– one of the first examples in the book pulls in rayon.

After this book, I want dig deep into the Tokio docs, the Rustonomicon, and maybe a book about embedded Rust (maybe this one?).

I’ve played a small bit of Ghostrunner this week. Super fun. Cyberpunk-y wall run-y quick reaction game. Story is bleh and I can tell it’ll be short, but it’s just hard enough to be a pleasant challenge.

As a last note: I’m almost done with The Story Of The Lost Child. Almost. It’s so so good, but I’ll hold off on any recap. Lot more books I want to read after that too! Ah!

Lots of things beginning to happen for me, although none of them have developed enough to talk about here. Just know that I’m very excited for a few things to come!