Matthew David Rodgers


Entry 33

A quick one here, as I’m about to take off for a 70mm screening of Lawrence of Arabia, and I’m quite excited.

I think I’ve actually seen a 70mm print before, in Australia of all places. I spent a semester abroad in Melbourne, and remember a great theater that took about an hour on the tram to reach. Every experience was worth it though.

I finished The Story of the Lost Child finally. WOW was it great. A very painful story at parts, as these women that I’ve come to know so well make grave mistakes or are flattened by tragedy. A beautiful ending as well. It simultaneously felt understated and monumental, revealing nothing but underlining everything.

A friend noted that the Maggie Gyllenhaal movie The Lost Daughter is actually an adaptation of an Elena Ferrante novel as well. I’m hearing great things about it, so I’ll have to check it out soon.

Up next for me is the classic The Soul of a New Machine. I had to read chapters in college, but quite a few software people I’ve been reading or watching talks from recently have mentioned how formative the book had been for them, so I’m excited to actually read it myself.

I think that’s really all for now. Haven’t gone much further through my O’Reilly Rust book as I get through some other things, but hoping to have some time soon.