Matthew David Rodgers


Entry 34

I’ll start out with some interesting things I read this week:

Remix vs Next.js (by the Remix team). Great dive into a new framework for writing web applications, one that leans heavily on the browser and its primitives, but also on server-rendering. The real illumination of this piece is how amazing edge computing is, and how you can server-render on the edge and beat static documents (given that the static pages have scripts that go and do asynchronus things once they’ve been parsed/executed).

Passing runtime data to AWK. AWK is a tool I would love to be much better at. I’ve got a good feeling that if I knew AWK well and knew when to apply it, my life would be much easier. The usage of AWK in this post isn’t all that exciting, but I just found the different ways to mix shell scripting and aAWK to be pretty cool.

Flying through The Soul Of A New Machine, which certainly earns all of its hype. I find it funny how Kidder sometimes attempts to translate engineering topics to more layman’s terms. Sometimes he uses a term to stand for some technical definition, but that term is in fact also a technical definition for something else!

The writing is fantastic though. I honestly don’t know the history of DEC or Data General, so I actually feel tension and suspense in this story.

I just set up an appointment to meet with a kitten this upcoming weekend! Who knows, I may have a cat the next time I write!