Matthew David Rodgers


Entry 36

Brief update for today as well. I’m very close to adopting a cat, and I hope that happens soon.

I’ve started the process of moving this site from Netlify to Cloudflare (on Cloudflare Pages). I’m excited by Workers and want to fiddle around with them in a more integrated way. Plus, Cloudflare’s network can’t really be beat if you’re looking for global edge locations. There’s a nice migration guide that helps, but the more complex part is going to be migrating the domain over.

I bought the domain through Netlify, but it turns out that they’re just a reseller for, an actual registrar. So I have to make a account, provide proof of identity, and then get Netlify to transfer my domain over to my new account. Then I can just point the Cloudflare DNS to the registrar.

All this network stuff is interesting– if frustrating and out of my wheelhouse.

Not too much else going on. Slowly re-watching season one of The Righteous Gemstones before I watch season two. Filmed in Charleston! A few friends have worked on the show back home.