Matthew David Rodgers


Entry 43

Quick entry here, as I’m about to run to a baseball game. Saw Doss this weekend, a DJ I’m a big fan of. She was incredible, and it was really fun to do some serious dancing again.

Some good thoughts from Robin Sloan about all the Twitter news this week, and he hints that he’s working on a project about some sort of alternative! Really interested as to what that could be. I enjoy the way Robin thinks about how technology and its potential, so even if the project is a mess I’m sure it will be interesting!

Another post from Amos about Go this week, following up from yet another instance of an older post making the rounds on the Hacker News front page again. I actually liked this newest post. It felt much more measured than previous posts of his, but it has somehow sparked more vitriol. He was apparently getting DoS’d for a second there, which seems a bit extreme.

Think I’ll leave it there for now. Off to the Dodgers!